Dear Di

Di Daniels
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Found a Tinder cutie but not sure when to bring them over? Fear not Di hands the mic over to Fulc editors for some tips

Dear Di, 

I’m a second-year University of Ottawa student moving to the city for the first time. I’m staying in a Sandy Hill house with four roommates who I’ve never met in person before. A couple of days ago, I matched with a cutie on Tinder and I’d like to know how long I should wait before I invite them over for an evening filled with earth-shattering lovemaking?

Down Bad for Cutie

Hey DBC, 

As a happily married thirty-something-year-old woman, I have not had a roommate since my youth. So I’ve invited Fulcrum editors to share how they would react and approach your situation. 

Charley (Editor-in-Chief): I think it depends on who your roommates are. If they are a little prudish and at odds with the concept of sex, maybe wait a couple of weeks, and when you believe the time is right sneak in your hookup into the apartment in the wee hours of the morning. 

You’d much rather answer awkward questions in the morning after you’ve driven your hookup home than when they walk into your apartment with you at night. 

If your roomies are chill, then honestly, you could bring your hookup home on the first night. This should not cause any problems, and usually, your other roommates will see this as socially acceptable in your apartment and will know it’s ok with you if they do the same. 

Amira (Features Editor): Honestly, as embarrassing and awkward as it might be, just ask them. Assuming you’re all the same age, they’re probably fine with hookups coming over, but again, it depends on who your roommates are.

I’d also suggest a couple weeks, especially since you’ve never met each other before and you’re all still getting used to each other and your new environments. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so if this one doesn’t work out for you, there will be more.

Aly (Managing Editor): It depends what floor your apartment’s on. It can be really fun to sneak over an illicit hookup — take it from me! If you’re on the first floor or a basement, just crack a window and drag ‘em in. If not, get creative — borrow a ladder to “change a lightbulb.” You’ll figure something out.