Dear Di

Dear Di is the Fulcrum foremost expert in sexual relations
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Ty and Di Daniels share tips on making car sex as smooth as possible

Dear Di, 

Because of roommates and family, my partner and I have been looking to take our bedroom activities to the car. I have never had sex outside of the bedroom before, so I have no clue what the do’s and dont’s of car sex are. Can you share some tips on proper car sex etiquette? 

-Night Rider

Dear NR, 

The first rule of car sex is that although they may be roomie, minivans are a sure way to ruin the mood. Nobody wants to have sex in your mom’s Chevy Lumina APV. Trucks are the best because you can simply put a mattress in the bed and enjoy the stars. 

Car sex is a great opportunity for you and your partner to get out of the house and try something different. Here are some things to keep in mind before you unbuckle your seatbelts and get busy in the back seat. 

Park your car in a good, remote, location away from wandering eyes. While part of car sex can be the thrill that it’s in public, you don’t want authorities knocking on your windows asking why you’re parked outside the Toys ‘R’ Us hours after closing. Think about where you are parking the car so you don’t get interrupted. 

Bring towels or blankets. The worst thing about car sex is your bodily fluids seeping into the seats – if you are really worried put a plastic cover on your seats. Not only is this gross, but the smell of sex will linger in the car for a long time. Having those little air freshener trees is never a bad idea either. Do yourself – and future passengers – a favour and bring towels or some old blankets to make the clean up quick and efficient. 

Then as far as music goes, it’s up to you! But we recommend keeping the volume low so you can hear what’s going on outside. As for the air conditioning, turn on the air conditioning and fog up the windows for extra privacy. 

Finally, make sure to put the car in park, there’s nothing worse than crashing in a fence while having sex because the car was on neutral.

-Love Di & Ty Daniels