Dear Di

Di Daniels
Di got a new headshot this year! Image: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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…and now I have chlamydia

Dear Di,

Last week, I started my post-secondary journey by making the trip from Oakville to Ottawa. After moving into the 90U residence, I became friends with this guy I met in the dining hall who lives in Thompson residence. Anyways, one thing led to another, and we ended up going back to his room, where I showed off my Oakville WAP. The problem is it’s now been two days and I think I might have chlamydia. Di, please help!

– Rich Oakville Girl 

Dear ROG,

The good news is: chlamydia is highly treatable, so it’s good you caught it early. Your Oakville WAP is going to be just fine (and you’ll probably be better by Reading Week).

You should definitely go to a doctor or clinic and get checked out (though you can’t do that as a walk-in patient on the U of O campus anymore). 

If you do have chlamydia, you and Dining Hall Guy should both see a doctor for antibiotics. 

It is very important you inform Dining Hall Guy, as well as any of your sexual partners from the past year, of your diagnosis, as chlamydia can often be asymptomatic. The STI can cause infertility, PID, and arthritis — it’s treatable, but only if you don’t ignore it. Pulling a move like that is what gives the GTA such a bad rap.

You got this, ROG. Next time you’re feeling frisky in Thompson, use protection, or, better yet, just avoid Thompson at all costs. Maybe try finding your next hookup in the Annex?