Dear Di

Image: Christine Wang/Fulcrum
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Dear Di is back from her three-week vacation with more sex and relationship advice for the U of O student body

Dear Di,

I met a new guy, and I really like him, but our time in the bedroom just hasn’t been doing it for me. I’m what you might call a “bottom” — a “pillow princess,” if you will — and my partner just isn’t dominant enough for me. I’m thinking of breaking up with him if our sex life doesn’t get a little more exciting.

How can I encourage my partner to meet me halfway on this?


Pillow Princess

Dear PP,

You need to think about this from his point of view. To him, does it seem like you just lie there? That can be a turn-off for some people. Nobody likes a starfish.

As always with these sorts of things: communication is key.

Talk to your partner about your preferences, and see if that gets things rolling. Maybe incorporate some toys, too — we have a few articles on that, if you’re feeling lost.

Try talking to him, and who knows? You might find yourself feeling free as a falcon.


Di Daniels