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Start the year off right with these creative recipes

Adam Feibel | Fulcrum Staff

STARVING STUDENTS LOOK no further. Just because the university life might leave your wallet a little empty, doesn’t mean your stomach has to be too. The Fulcrum has some tasty meal suggestions which will satisfy your taste buds and your budget alike. Whether you are sick of cafeteria food, want to impress your friends, or are just looking for some variation in your diet, you’ve come to the right place. These easy spinoffs of everyday staples will help keep your stomach full, your waistline slim, and your money in your pocket.

—Julia Fabian

The perfect bagel sandwich
I make these several times a week. You can try out both vegetarian and non-vegetarian arrangements—the sandwich is equally as good with or without cold cuts.
Makes 1 serving
1     bagel of your choosing
1    tomato slice
spinach leaves
spicy eggplant
cold cuts (recommended: Hungarian salami and/or oven-roasted turkey breast) (optional)
honey mustard

1. Split your bagel in two and slide it into the toaster. Wait impatiently for it to finish toasting.
2. Pile on your cold cuts if you want, then your tomato slice, spinach, and spicy eggplant.
3. Top it off with mayo and mustard. Cut your sandwich in half without ruining it, and enjoy.

Chicken caesar wraps
These things are simple to make and filling. Grab some of those pre-seasoned chicken breasts that come in a box (I did the math, and they actually cost less per fillet than the fresh ones—I mean yeah, they’re frozen, but what am I, made of money?). I recommend asiago caesar dressing; I could eat that stuff with a spoon (actually, I believe I have). And avocados are good on pretty much everything.
Makes 3–4 servings
4    skinless, boneless chicken breasts
4    pita bread rounds
2     tomatoes, diced
3    cups of spinach or lettuce, chopped
1    avocado, peeled and chopped (optional, but recommended)
caesar salad dressing
Parmesan cheese

1. Cook chicken breasts on medium-high heat for about 10 minutes, until chicken is tender and no longer pink. Cut into slices when finished.
2. Lay pita bread on a plate and coat it with caesar dressing.
3. Cover surface area with diced tomatoes, spinach or lettuce, avocado, and Parmesan cheese.
4. Fold in half and eat.

Chickpea masala
This is way easier to make than it looks—and it’s cheap, too. A can of chickpeas costs around a dollar, and the produce section is generally quite cost-efficient. The seasoning—the key ingredient for flavour—will cost you quite a bit (about $5.99 at a regular grocery store), but will last you many, many uses.
Makes 2–3 servings
1     can (540 ml) of chickpeas
½     cup of diced onions (white or yellow)
1     large tomato, diced
1    broccoli stalk, chopped (or about 2½ cups of frozen broccoli florets)
1     cup of peeled or chopped carrots
Indian masala seasoning
couscous (optional)

1. In a large pan, heat cooking oil over medium heat. Add onions and cook until they look like cooked onions.
2. Add diced tomato, broccoli florets, and carrots, and cook those too.
3. Dump in those chickpeas and stir in the Indian masala seasoning.
4. Stir in couscous to give your serving size a boost—or if you just love couscous. (Optional)