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Where to find the best sex supplies and suggestions in the city

Some have argued that our nation’s capital is a buttoned-up bore, but take a walk around most areas of this fine town and you’ll come to find a variety of R-rated shops, the quality  of which you’d be hard-pressed to find in many other Canadian cities.

Here’s just the tip of what you can find at some of Ottawa’s sex shops.


P&TPleasures N’ Treasures

491 Rideau St.

If you’re on the hunt for a super sensual movie choice, start here. They have stores located all over Canada and boast some of the lowest prices in the business. But don’t stop at movies; they’ve got plenty of other P and V-G goodies you’ll be excited to try. The employees are knowledgeable on their products and you’ll be able to visit until at least 10 p.m. every day. For anyone commuting to campus from the west end, they also have a location at 866 Merivale Road.



afsAdult Fun Superstore

1565 Saint Laurent Blvd.

This friendly 18+ store is a short bus ride away from campus but well worth the jaunt. You’ll walk into a brightly lit room full of sex gizmos and gadgets designed to get you off. Not only will you find an array of functional and tasty lubes, a selection of vaginal and penile condoms, a plethora of pornos, and a tantalizing ton of toys, you’ll also be able to pick up sassy costumes and bondage equipment. One of the most unique aspects of AFS is their “Pandora Parties.” Pick a night and sign up a group of your friends to have your own personal shopper take you around the shop and show you the ropes on toys, lubes, and other sexy-ssentials.


WWWicked Wanda’s

327 Bank St.

Wanda’s offers way more than most sex shops. What’s really unique about the store are their events and workshops throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to learn more about BDSM or you’re curious about new positions, Wanda’s will wet your whistle. Keep in mind they’re also home to the Sensorium Gallery, one of Canada’s only exclusively erotica-based art galleries. Look for the gallery’s opening at the end of February.


venusVenus Envy

226 Bank St.

Education is the name of the game at this sex-positive, queer-friendly sex staple. If you’ve ever been nervous to go into a dark and dingy adult store, Venus Envy will be a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the staff are incredibly open and helpful, and there are plenty of pamphlets tucked around the store that you can take for free for at-home learning or even to guide you through the shop’s sections. Similar to Wanda’s, Venus Envy offers an array of educational workshops and events, but they’re generally cheaper or even free. Learning how to properly go down on someone or how to find the G-spot are great ways to procrastinate on your homework.