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Sometimes all it takes to get off is a little no-nonsense erotica.

Illustration by Carley Smith

This post contains material that is NSFW

Her Thighs

Fat snowflakes drifted lazily from the sky. It had been snowing for hours. Leaning back in the passenger seat, Clair watched the snowfall out the car window. It was beautiful. A winding road, snow and forest. Peaceful. Quiet.

Her friend Sam muttered under his breath as he slowly maneuvered his truck over the slippery, snow-covered road.

They had spent the past few hours checking out the casino and were now returning to the cabin where the rest of their friends were probably in various states of drunkenness.

Suddenly the car lurched to the side, the tires losing control. It slid almost gracefully into a snow bank at the side of the road.

“Shit!” Sam turned to her. “I’m really sorry. Are you OK Clair?”

She nodded. She had barely felt the impact. Before she could say more, Sam had already leapt out of the car and was attempting to dig it out.  Clair had never felt more useless. She wanted to get out there and help Sam but hanging out in a snowstorm in nothing but a tiny red dress and heels seemed like a stupid idea. How she wished she had taken her coat and boots, like normal people on a skiing holiday.

After several futile attempts, Sam got back in the car, dripping wet and defeated.

“Do you have reception?” He asked her. Clair shook her head.

“Do you?”


They sat in silence.

“Guess this is the part where I make the lame joke about us keeping each other warm,” Sam said suddenly, grinning slyly.

Clair smirked.

She and Sam were notorious for the explicit content in their jokes, so of course Sam would joke about sex now. For Clair, it was never fully a joke. She had wanted Sam since they had met, but he had been dating her co-worker at the time and that was a boundary that Clair refused to cross.

Clair shivered and pulled her dress as low as it would stretch over her thighs.

Sam noticed and pulled off his coat, draping it over her legs. His fingers accidentally brushed her thigh. He lingered.

Clair sucked in a breath. They were all alone, surrounded by quiet, dark.

“Clair,” Sam leaned close to her ear. “I wasn’t fully joking,” he whispered.

Having him so close to her, his breath on her ear, made Clair hot and tempted.

His hand traced a path up her inner thigh.

“Sam,” she managed to croak before she thought she would burst with desire. She wanted him to touch her. He obliged. His hand slid past her panties, finding her, hot, wet, ready. He rubbed her clit, slowly at first then faster with more pressure. Clair moaned. She wanted him inside her. This barely seemed adequate.

She tore off her seat belt and managed to climb between him and the steering wheel. The whole time he never ceased to touch her, tease her, coaxing her closer to the edge.

Straddling him, Clair unzipped his pants, releasing the bulge that had been straining against Sam’s jeans.

He moaned as she took his cock in her hand, playing with it, altering the pressure and speed until Sam was panting with pleasure, his forehead grew damp with perspiration. The whole time he stroked her softly.

With his teeth, Sam pulled at her dress until his mouth found the smooth skin of her breast, then her nipple, tight from the cold air inside the truck. Clair shivered, but hardly from the cold.
Unable to wait any longer, Sam pushed back the driver’s seat. He ran his hands down the length of Clair’s  arched back and  her curvaceous ass, guiding her body until she was positioned over him, her moist pussy rubbing against the ready head of his cock. He thrust upwards.

Clair cried out as Sam filled her, it was a deep, guttural sound, primal, hot with need. She pushed herself further down onto his length, wanting more of him still.

They began moving in rhythm, using the cramped space of the truck the best they could.
Clair lowered herself onto him again and again, diving deeper, hitting that sweet spot inside herself again and again until she finally found the ecstasy she had been searching for.

She cried out as waves of pleasure rippled from her very core spreading throughout her entire body. Trembling she collapsed onto Sam just as he cried out, pulsating inside her.

They lay on each other, covered in sweat, exhausted but fulfilled. Outside the truck fat snowflakes continued to fall, covering the silent forest.