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Adult hot chocolate: Canadian Cocoa

This holiday, it’s time to leave the eggnog behind with the ugly Christmas sweaters. A much richer, decidedly more Canadian drink exists, and should be your new go-to holiday cocktail. Canadian Cocoa is simple to make, will warm you up on frigid winter days, and packs a rye whiskey-fuelled boozy punch that Don Draper himself would approve of.


2/3 oz (20 ml): Canadian rye whiskey

2/3 oz (20 ml): Dark rum

0.5 oz (15 ml): white creme de cacao

Dash of maple syrup

Dash of hot, frothy milk

½ tsp. of grated nutmeg


Pour all the ingredients, except milk, into a heatproof glass and stir. Froth the milk, heat it on high in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then add.

Grate nutmeg over the drink.

The result is a warm and sweet beverage that, while frothy, is quite drinkable. Vanilla and chocolate milk flavour come from the creme de cacao, while the maple syrup adds sweetness. A 750 ml bottle of creme de cacao is $20.45 at the LCBO. Entry-level whiskey and dark rum are sufficient, so use up that leftover Wiser’s ($13.90 for 350 ml) and Captain Morgan ($13.95).

When to drink: This dessert-style drink is meant to be enjoyed, so save it for when you kick up your feet and relax after a cold winter day.