Tips for improving your dirty talk

Generally when we engage in frisky times with our partners, a little hanky panky speak is bound to happen. Sometimes a quick “babe you’re so wet” or “oh my god you’re so sexy” can be encouraging for your partner and even hide a bit of the unpleasant sounds that can happen when bodies start intertwining. That said, there are a few things one should keep in mind before diving in to the dirty talk.

Don’t say your partner’s full name

Especially if it’s long! “Oh Jemimah Allison Fernandez” is really unsexy. Plus, your partner probably already knows their own name… one would hope. No need to prove you remember it, at least during coitus. If you’re into screaming their name, try just their first name or a short nickname.

Do give a climax warning

It’s just the polite thing to do. Generally it’s proper etiquette to do the ever-so-popular lead-up: “I’m close, I’m so close.” Then follow it up with an “I’m gonna come” seconds before you finish. A nice crescendo of oohing or ohhing while you orgasm is the standard, but feel free to express your finale whichever way your body and voice deem appropriate. Feel free to let your partner know you’re “close” with whatever words you like, but making sure they’re aware of your impending peak is a must.

Don’t be afraid of a little role-play

Sometimes role-play can be as simple as the words you use during sex. Maybe you want to call each other by different names, or perhaps be anonymous. You could pretend to be coworkers or two people who just randomly met on the street and snuck to a hotel room impulsively. It may seem tricky to make something up on the spot, but once one person gets the ball rolling, some really steamy stories can pan out.

Do ask what your partner is OK with

Before breaking out the bedroom banter, ask flat out what your partner is OK listening to. Some folks love hearing every single thought that enters your dirty mind, and others hate even hearing the odd grunt. If you really want your partner to get all hot and bothered, knowing what’s OK to say before you play is incredibly important. What if, contrary to this advice, your partner wants to hear your scream their six names? You’ll never k