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Top five household items you can use to work out with

1. Stairs
Walking or jogging up and down stairs can provide a great cardio work out, as well as effective toning of the legs and butt.

2. Backpacks
A weighted backpack can be a great addition to lunges and squats. For a better centre of gravity, wear the backpack on your front like a baby carrier.

3.  Textbooks
Hold a heavy textbook to your chest, to the back of your head, or straight above you to add resistance to a crunch or sit-up routine.

4. Bottles
Work your arms using bottles filled with sand or water. For a greater challenge, use a milk jug.

5. Deck of cards
Assign exercises to different cards and work out accordingly. For example, do push-ups for every hearts card you draw, or lunges for every spade. Draw a 10 of spades? Do 10 lunges.

—Megan DeLaire


Top five Gatorade flavours

1. Lime
It’s tart and delicious.

2. Orange
Orange you glad I didn’t say “banana”? In all seriousness though, this is a solid drink.

3. Grape
Everyone loves the grape drink—it’s so good on a hot day.

4. Fruit Punch
This one’s a classic. Nothing quenches thirst better or brings us back to snack time in kindergarten quicker than fruit punch flavour.

5.  Blue Raspberry
It’s delicious, refreshing, and looks good when dumped on a coach’s head.

—Andrew Ikeman

Top five most improved Gee-Gees teams

1. Women’s basketball team
They arrived at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) championships with their highest seating in five years.

2. Men’s hockey
The team made it all the way to the Ontario University Athletics East semifinals, something they haven’t been able to do for the last few years.

3. Women’s hockey
They beat the McGill University Martlets in the Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec playoffs… Enough said.

4. Men’s track
The men’s team came fifth overall in the CIS championship meet—the best they have done since the team’s inception five years ago. The men’s relay team took home two golds and broke a CIS record on their final day.

5. Women’s swimming team
The squad finished eighth overall in their CIS competition, smashing their previous 10th place record.

—Katherine DeClerq