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NEXT TIME YOU find yourself alone in a potential hook-up’s room, sneak a peak into their bedside table. Be sure to look for these five items in the drawers before jumping into theirs.

Negative results from a recent STI test and condoms

Does this really need explanation? Sex is better when you’re not stressing about blisters and babies.

An erotic novel

It’s a classy medium for porn. While some might be a bit turned off by raunchy DVDs, a naughty book speaks of the owner’s intelligence, imagination, and dirty mind. Or at the very least, of literacy, which is a great thing to find in a partner.

A candle

Everybody looks better by candlelight. Plus, there’s potential for the dripping of warm wax on hot body parts.

Something silky

Whether it’s a tie or a scarf, this is a versatile item that may be used for light bondage, blindfolding, or rubbing against sensitive parts, and more.


Finding an easily accessible Gatorade bottle in their nightstand is a good, good sign. It’s impressive when a guy or gal has enough endurance during a sack session to require post-coital rehydration and electrolyte balancing.

While the above would make great discoveries in a partner’s bedside table drawer, if you find a dog-eared picture of their ex, footsie pyjamas, or a Céline Dion CD, you may want to think twice before hopping in their bed.

—Alexandra Schwartz