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Finding shawarma in the city

Photos by Jesse Colautti

Shawarma is a food as synonymous with Ottawa as beaver tails and poutine. This Middle Eastern fast food features garlic sauce or hummus spread on top of a pita, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, turnip, pickles, and your choice of beef, chicken, or falafel.

Ottawa has a wide selection of shawarma shops, enough to overwhelm the amateur shawarma eater.

Here are reviews of three shawarma restaurants close to the U of O campus, graded by four main criteria: price, location, service, and taste.

3 Brothers

3 brothers1

Price: $8.50

Location: 124 Osgoode Street

Service: The service felt rushed, as if they were just trying to move customers along.

Taste: The meat was a little dry, but there were a lot of vegetables.

Why go here: It’s very close, and while it’s a little expensive, the distance more than makes up for the price.

Dalhousie Grill and Kebab


Price: $6.99

Location: 399 Dalhousie Street off Rideau

Service: The service was great. They focused on one sandwich and one customer at a time.

Taste: Very satisfying, with fresh crunchy vegetables and an even mix of meat and vegetables.

Why go here: This was easily the largest sandwich on the list and will definitely fill you up.

Castle Shawarma


Price: $9.50

Location: 178 Rideau Street

Service: Wonderful service, they clearly try very hard to make customers feel welcome and comfortable.

Taste: Very flavourful chicken and exceptionally creamy garlic sauce.  A delicious experience.

Why go here: Castle Shawarma just continues to get it right. A little bit of a hike, and pricey,  but worth it for the superior service and flavour.