Hadi Wess, vice-president social of the SFUO, has overseen 101 Week changes. Photo: Marta Kierkus.
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FedStock, closing ceremonies will remain for revamped 101 Week

This year’s 101 Week will see a number of changes, both in the events themselves as well as the training provided to guides for the week.

With the recent implementation of the University of Ottawa’s sexual violence policy, incoming guides received a new bystander awareness training, designed to make them “active bystanders” and better recognize and respond to instances of sexual violence during 101 Week.

The policy itself was adopted at the June 27 Board of Governors meeting, with vice-president of university affairs Vanessa Dorimain of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) co-chairing the policy development subcommittee.

SFUO vice-president social Hadi Wess and vice-president of services and communications Francesco Caruso, both of whom facilitated guide training, said that the new bystander awareness section is important because of the prevalence of sexual violence during university frosh weeks.

In terms of the week itself, many events have been redesigned to accommodate the SFUO’s financial situation. During the Aug. 16 Board of Administration meeting, Wess announced that 101 Week would not receive any funding from the SFUO.

Wess provided a statement to the Fulcrum about the changes to 101 Week, where the funding for the week has come from, and what the week will look like from a student’s perspective.

“Our funding plan this year consisted of some old practices, and some new ones: in addition to the usual money collected through federated body buy ins and kit sales, we’ve also reached out to sponsors and partners to help us fund our 101 Week,” said Wess in the statement.

Some of these community sponsors include banks and food trucks, whose presence will be seen on campus during the week.

The SFUO has also partnered with a number of on-campus services, some of which include Community Life Services, Sports Services, Health Services, and the Aboriginal Resource Centre.

Wess believes that these partnerships will make the SFUO “more fiscally responsible in the future,” as well as more efficiently put the students’ money to use.

The theme for the week this year is “Together, Ensemble,” which Wess believes will “promote student solidarity, unity, and school spirit.”

Certain events during the week will also be open to the rest of the U of O community, as well as to Ottawa at large.

In addition to the usual events put on by the SFUO, such as the Pride Centre’s drag show and Take Back the Night, several new activities will make an appearance this year, including a scavenger hunt organized by the Muslim Students’ Association, a shisha night, and a Celebration of Indigenous Cultures.

“Although the lack of funds originally seemed like a daunting task, we hope to change 101 Week culture this year and prove that it is possible to have an amazing 101 Week without spending incredible amounts of money,” said Wess.

One of the most significant changes to 101 Week will be to one of the largest events, FedStock. While the concert is normally held at an off-campus venue, it will take place on campus this year. FedStock will feature a live band and three DJs spread across campus, and various food trucks on location.

Finally, the closing ceremonies this year will consist of a pep rally and the Gee-Gees football team’s home opener. This is a change from previous closing ceremonies, typically held at Mooney’s Bay.

“We look forward to kicking off 101 Week, and hope to give 101ers the best experience possible during their first week on campus,” said Wess.

This year’s 101 Week will be held Sept. 411. To view the full schedule, visit the SFUO website.