Andrew Ikeman | Fulcrum Staff

BUDGETS FOR CORPORATIONS like the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) can be very long and complicated. Trying to understand them? Forget about it. The Fulcrum has decided to save you some work and give you a few key numbers we think you should know.

$133,590 & $77,724

These two numbers represent the money going toward clubs on campus. The first is the amount of committed funds flowing to the clubs, and the second number is the predicted levy, which is based upon levels of student enrollment. With that much of your money going toward the clubs on campus, you should definitely consider getting involved in an extracurricular activity or two.


This is the total amount of money projected to be spent by students on the U-Pass. This number is up from the $7,487,967 spent last year; the increase is due to the recent price hike.


This is the levy given separately to the Fulcrum and La Rotonde. We at the Fulcrum receive a small percentage of your student fees, and we use it to make a paper that informs and entertains you. This levy, combined with our ad revenue, allows us to put out our paper free of charge.

$276,575 & $230,479

These are the amounts of money paid to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario (CFS-O) respectively. This money goes toward the campaigns run by the CFS, with materials such as posters and promotional material given to the SFUO for their campaigns.

$17,825,514 – $17,610,148 = $215,366

This formula represents the net projected income of the SFUO (revenue minus expenses). This number is impressive, until you factor in the projected amount made by the student-run businesses—$290,284—which, for accounting purposes, the SFUO does not.


This large sum is the amount the SFUO received as part of the health plan last year. The health plan was estimated to bring in closer to $5-million, but due to more students opting-out of the plan, the actual revenue was lower than anticipated. The 2012–13 budget estimates the health plan will bring in $5,069,145 to the SFUO, who buys the plan from Green Shield Canada.


The above number is the committed funds for the federated bodies on campus. These bodies are the student associations who have not defederated. The money goes to help the bodies fund different events on campus.