The SFUO’s BOA held their last meeting of 2017 on Dec. 3. Photo: Eric Davidson.
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Other motions include a Dean’s List ceremony for Health Sciences

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO)’s Board of Administration (BOA) met on Dec. 3 for their last meeting of 2017 to discuss a range of motions.

The board reviewed motions brought forward by students at the Nov. 14 General Assembly (GA), which failed to meet quorum, meaning the motions were not voted on at the time.

The first motion from the GA dealt with executive salaries. The motion resolved “that the salary for members of the SFUO executive be set an hourly rate of $15/h for a total of 20 hours per week,” and “that all subsequent salary increases are required to be approved by the General Assembly.”

Before voting on the motion, the first resolution was withdrawn by SFUO president Hadi Wess, who said it wasn’t legitimate. The rest of the motion was voted on, but defeated.

The second motion from the GA had to do with course curricula. It had two parts, one which would encourage students to be allowed a more “democratic” say in their course syllabus, which professors would take into account, and one which would have the university implement a “mandatory course on the theme of colonialization.”

The motion would have had the SFUO contact the university to discuss the issue, and submit a report at the next GA.

After some debate, the board struck down the motion.

The board saw several other motions, firstly voting to ratify Tia Tom as chief scrutineer for the upcoming SFUO general election. The motion passed.

Up next, the board saw a motion to lobby to create a Dean’s honour list ceremony for students in the Faculty of Health Sciences. According to the motion, such a ceremony would give students in the faculty recognition, as well as a strong addition to their CV.

The motion resolved that the SFUO would provide support to the Faculty of Health Sciences in asking for a Dean’s honour list ceremony, as well as counsel on how to approach the situation.

Board member Caroline Lu first moved to push the motion to the January BOA meeting, but her amendment failed.

Another amendment, proposed by Philippe Garcia, added that the SFUO would provide lobbying and logistical support as well. This amendment passed.

In the end, the motion was passed as amended.

Finally, the board saw a motion on World Aids Day. The motion was to modify the SFUO’s policy manual with a new section, which was to read “The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa will organize an annual charitable basketball tournament titled ‘Ball for the Cure’ within the first week of the month of December.”

The motion passed.

The next BOA meeting will take place on Jan. 21 at 1 p.m. in Tabaret hall, room 083.