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$10,000 of fireworks remain unused

SFUO-bought fireworks have not been used for the second year running. Photo: Creative Commons Fieldington

The fireworks were bought on a non-refundable credit from B.E.M fireworks last summer. The fireworks were set to be used on Sept. 12, as part of the closing ceremonies of the U of O’s 101 week at Mooney’s Bay. However, the event was cancelled due to poor weather conditions, and the fireworks remained unused.

In a Facebook post, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) stated, “in coordination with the VP Socials of Federated Bodies we decided to cancel (the event). However, rest assured that we will have many events throughout the year in which you will be able to participate.”

Last year, the fireworks were supposed to be used as part of the 101 week’s closing ceremonies at Strathcona Park, but the City refused to allow use of the fireworks because of a capacity limit.

Former vice-president social of the SFUO, Ikram Hamoud, said she then inquired with the National Capital Commission but all the proposed locations were “too far”, in a previous edition of the Fulcrum.

Vice-president social Hadi Wess, and vice-president of communications, and interim president, Roméo Ahimakin, did not respond to the Fulcrum’s request for comment in time for publication. Wess did say in a Facebook comment that students who bought tickets can be reimbursed.