Police Cruiser
Photo: Nile Livesey (CC)
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Formal investigation underway

At 6:23 p.m. on Oct. 19, the University of Ottawa tweeted that the Ottawa Police Service were “investigating an incident that occurred on campus this weekend,” involving “hate/bias graffiti.”

The tweet included a link to the University’s statement on their website which continued to explain that the incident in question is being reviewed by the Hate Crimes Unit.

“The Hate Crimes unit of the Ottawa Police Service is currently investigating a disturbing incident involving a hate/bias graffiti that occurred on the uOttawa campus yesterday afternoon,” read the statement. 

According to Ottawa Police Services, “Graffiti can be considered a hate crime if it: targets any identifiable community group or organization; is found in or near a religious institution or an affiliated community recreation area; or is found on commercial property that is affiliated with a community group; or is found on personal property.” 

The Fulcrum was on campus less than two hours after the tweet was released and could not find any hateful graffiti remnants on any U of O buildings. 

The statement continued to say “the University neither can nor will make any further comments on this incident while it is under formal investigation by the police.”