Progressive Conservative candidate Patrick Mayangi. Photo: Patrick Mayangi/Provided
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Mayangi brings experience in community engagement, youth mentorship

This interview is part of our series of articles profiling the Ottawa-Vanier candidates in the upcoming provincial byelection on Feb. 27. Each candidate was asked the same set of questions for consistency. Answers have been edited for length and clarity. This interview was conducted via email. 

The Fulcrum: What do you feel your strongest quality or skill would be as an MPP?

Patrick Mayangi: Having lived here for 15 years, I understand first-hand the issues that keep the Ottawa-Vanier community up at night.

Ottawa-Vanier is home and I care deeply about the people that live here. This community is incredibly diverse and deserves a representative that understands and will stand up for their needs. A representative that won’t abandon them.

If elected, I would bring a distinct presence to Queen’s Park that is unique to Ottawa-Vanier.

The Fulcrum: How do your background and past experiences make you qualified to be an MPP?

PM: I have a diverse background, both professionally and personally. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science (2013) and a master’s degree in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (2018) from Carleton University. I am also fluent in four languages, including French, and have an array of international experience.

I have been an active voice in my community through volunteering, mentoring, and engaging with other community leaders. I’ve volunteered for a variety of organizations that support youth at risk, including homework clubs, after school activities, and mentorship programs.

I also understand the inner workings of government, having ran for city council, and experience in the Parliament of Canada as a legislative assistant for an MP.

The Fulcrum: Why did you choose to run under your party? Why should voters support your party?

PM: Ottawa-Vanier has been underrepresented and neglected for far too long under Liberal representatives, who have a track record for leaving this community behind.

My neighbours deserve better. I believe in what the Ontario PC Party stands for. Premier Doug Ford and the PC team are here for the people. They have been working hard with people from across the province to make Ontario better – to make life easier for families, not only so they can make ends meet, but also so they can get ahead and prosper.

The Fulcrum: How do you plan on using provincial powers to benefit people in Ottawa-Vanier?

PM: Premier Doug Ford and the PC team are working hard to improve the quality of life for all Ontarians. It’s time that this riding has a representative at the table that not only understands their needs and hopes, but is willing to work hard to help fulfill them. I can be that voice at Queen’s Park.

The Fulcrum: How will you address issues that affect young people and students, who make up a sizable chunk of the riding?

PM: I believe that the passion, voices, and skills of youth are more critical than ever. I understand the issues that are important to the Ottawa-Vanier community and will give them a voice at the table to help ensure our needs are a top priority.

The Fulcrum: What is the biggest issue impacting people in Ottawa-Vanier?

PM: Underrepresentation at Queen’s Park. Ottawa-Vanier deserves representation and can no longer be left behind. I am committed to working hard for the riding and standing up for its needs as the Ontario Progressive Conservative voice in government.

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