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Racialized student centre loses out by 400 votes

The election results of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) came in early on Feb. 13, with candidates from all three slates to take a seat on next year’s executive.

The referendum question on the creation of a racialized student centre received 1,527 yes votes, and 1,976 no votes, even though there was no formal “No” committee.

Here for Us candidates David Gakwerere and Nicole Maylor both won their races. Gakwerere beat out the current SFUO vice-president of services and communications, Nicole Desnoyers, with 2,036 votes to her 1,569 votes.

Maylor won the vice-president of equity race with 1,490 votes against Impact’s Roselyn Dougé-Charles and ABC’s Dana Abu Hammad.

Impact’s candidate for vice-president of finanace, Taylor Davidson won with 1,785 votes against ABC’s Mutasem Abu Hammad who had 1,675.

Hadi Wess was ABC’s sole candidate to get elected in the vice-president social race, with 1,811 votes, against Impact’s Romeo Ahimakin, who had 1,772 votes.

Vanessa Dorimain, who was the only candidates to run for vice-president of university affairs, was elected to the position with 1965 votes for, and 1411 votes against.

Members of the Board of Administration, Senate, and Board of Governors were also voted in during the general elections. The Elections Committee has not yet resulted the voter turnout rate.