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Six positions on BOD and one position on the executive remain vacant

The University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) concluded their by-elections on Wednesday night, filling a total of 11 positions.

Jason Seguya was elected the UOSU equity commissioner. The fourth-year social science student and former student life commissioner of the UOSU received 1,314 votes (89.1 per cent) supporting his candidacy; only 160 students (10.9 per cent) opposed. Only 2,057 (5.4 per cent) of 38,085 possible electors voted in the race.

Seguya will join the five other executives leaving only the position of student life commissioner unfilled. 

Regarding the Board of Directors, 10 students were elected to previously vacant seats on Wednesday night. Due to a lack of candidates, six seats still remain unfilled.

The race for the vacant BOD civil law seat was the tightest and most exciting with Nickolas Eburne just edging out rival Sarah Varin receiving 87 votes (50.9 per cent) to her 84 (49.1 per cent).

For the common law seat, 108 students (92.8 per cent) voted in favour of Michelle Liu’s candidacy; only eight opposed (7.2 per cent).

Chloé Richard, Ibrahim Chohan and Julian Ward were all elected to represent the faculty of engineering students on the BOD. The vote was done by way of ranked ballots. Chohan was elected on the first round of ballots, then Richard and then Ward, all of whom edged out Jasmin Cartier. 

Both Prabasha Rasaputra and Tarasha Sharma were elected to represent the faculty of science filling the two vacant seats. They were both elected with at least over 84 per cent of their voting peers accepting their candidacies.

In the Telfer School of Management race, Jean-Simon Lavoie-Albert and Maxime Chouinard were elected defeating Zachariah Downey. They will join Tian Kun Chen as representatives for the faculty on the BOD.

Finally, in the race for the fourth and final vacant social science seat, Dawoud Najmudin defeated Gershon Tsirulnikov with 212 votes (53.9 per cent). Tsirulnikov received 181 votes (46.1 per cent).