BOA and SFUO members gathered at the Aug. 16 meeting prior to the presentation of the budget. Photo: Eric Davidson.
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The budget was approved at Aug. 16 BOA meeting, released online on Aug. 25

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) recently released its approved budget projections for 2016 online, following its adoption at the Aug. 16 Board of Administration (BOA) meeting. 

The budget predicts a surplus, which the federation will achieve by defunding several previous SFUO expenditures including student clubs, SFUO-run social events—notably 101 Week—and the budgets for the Campaigns and Philanthropic departments.

These changes come after numerous staffing cuts over the summer.

The SFUO takes in around $3 million per year from the undergraduate student levy. It also takes in around $12 million in U-Pass fees—which are cancelled out by U-Pass spending—and some other smaller factors.

Spending Breakdown

Services Breakdown

Overall, the budget projects that the student federation will take in approximately $19 million in the 2016-17 academic year, and is projected to end the year with a surplus of $727,314.

This total, however, does not come without cuts. Clubs will no longer receive the $170,000 SFUO contribution outside of the annual levy, bringing SFUO spending on clubs to $24,550, less than 10 per cent of last year’s budget of $252,500.

SFUO Spending Cuts

The social budget will receive no contribution from the federation this year, whereas it received nearly $160,000 last year.

The Campaigns Department, which deals with the SFUO’s social justice-related causes, also received $160,000 last year in SFUO contributions, but will have to go without any funding this year.

The SFUO will also cut its $30,000 contribution to its philanthropic budget, and lower its administration budget by nearly a third, from $2 million down to $700,000.

Funding Cuts

However, the two largest items in the budget, the U-Pass and health plan, will continue apace.

For the U-Pass, the SFUO plans to spend $12 million for the 2016-17 year, ending up with a deficit of approximately $13,000.

As for the health plan, the SFUO will spend approximately $4 million, with a deficit of nearly $480,000.

Graphs: Eric Davidson.