Nostalgica was a popular gathering place for students, offering food and hosting events such as Open Mic night every Thursday. Photo: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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General manager Dave Breitenherdt shares insights on the reopening of Nostalgica

Nostalgica, formally known as Café Nostalgica, closed nearly two years ago. Although specific plans concerning the reopening have not been made, general manager Dave Breitenherdt made it clear that Nostalgica will be reopening at some point in the future

Located just outside the University of Ottawa’s Thompson residence, Nostalgica was a popular gathering place for students, offering food and hosting events such as Open Mic night every Thursday. Nostalgica also rented out its space at low cost to students hoping to host their own events. A former University of Ottawa student, Tyler Bloom, said that the convenience of an on-campus café was part of its popularity. ”I used to love going for drinks there when I didn’t feel like going to the market,” said Bloom.

With more students on campus and in residence this year, the lack of information provided by the U of O’s Graduate Student’s Association (GSAÉD), and Nostalgica regarding the institution’s future has been notable. 

Nostalgica is funded by the GSAÉD. The GSAÉD stated that they have no current plans to reopen Nostalgica. However, Nostalgica’s general manager Dave Breitenherdt seemed to disagree. Breitenherdt told the Fulcrum that the main reason the café hasn’t reopened is because of the risk of spreading COVID-19 — this is more important to them than an immediate reopening. He explained that the GSAÉD and Nostalgica currently have enough funding to keep the doors closed a little longer, so there is no urgent need to reopen yet.

“Nostalgica basically rode out the entire pandemic so far on its own funding … we really don’t have to, so why would we?” said Breitenherdt.

“We can’t have a risk of any contamination or any outbreak because it would look bad on the University of Ottawa, right?”

When asked if they would be opening for this academic year, Breitenherdt said that he was unsure. 

“That would be a [GSAÉD] Board of Directors decision, I guess … it could be January, it could also be October,” said Breitenherd. 

When asked if there was any possibility of repurposing the space, Breitenherdt stated that Nostalgica underwent renovations over this past year, including new patio furniture and freshly painted walls, so it would be strange if they decided to repurpose the space at this time. 

While no more information could be given regarding when the GSAÉD’s Board of Directors will be meeting to decide on a reopening date, students can rest assured that Nostalgica will be back! 

The Fulcrum will continue to publish further developments.