These scholarships are available through Yconic. Photo: Via
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Students face plenty of stress when it comes to paying for school and associated costs, and admission scholarships and merit bursaries don’t always benefit everyone. However, these three scholarships are a great way for students to look beyond what the University of Ottawa has to offer.

1.Explain how you invest, save and budget your money, and get a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship. You must write a 500-1,000 word paper on how you plan for a financially bright future, any lessons you’ve learned, and common mistakes you or your colleagues have made with money. It is a simple task for a nice reward.

DEADLINE: Sunday, April 1.

2. Big on saving? Why not make a profit off of it. This scholarship is useful for anyone who does online shopping and is big on money saving (i.e. couponing). The scholarship amount is worth $3,000, but be aware you are competing with not only everyone in Canada, but students worldwide.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, December 31.

3. Ottawa-Gatineau is known for being a nice place to bike, especially along the canal, so why not grab a friend and a camera and go for a ride? This is an ongoing scholarship that gives away 10 scholarships worth $250 each for simply explaining why they love cycling! This really could not be easier.

DEADLINE: Ongoing.