The university has reached a tentative agreement with part-time professors, avoiding a strike today.
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In a press release sent out early on Monday, Oct. 30, the University of Ottawa announced that it had reached a tentative deal the Association of Part-Time Professors (APTPUO), meaning the strike will not take place today.

However, the negotiations will not be finalized until the agreement has been ratified by the U of O’s Board of Governors (BOG) and by the APTPUO membership at their annual general meeting on November 24. The next BOG meeting is Oct. 30 at 5:30 p.m., so the university could ratify the deal as early as then, but would still have to wait for the APTPUO to ratify it.

No details on the deal itself have been released at this point.

In the university press release, university president Jacques Frémont said that “part-time professors play an important role in our academic programs. I am pleased to see that we’ve been able to conclude a fair and reasonable agreement.”

message from the APTPUO negotiating team, posted on their Facebook page, said that “with the support of our members and our allies, we have been able to go through a difficult period and are now ready to continue our work.”

The APTPUO also encourage students to attend their classes as usual.

The APTPUO said that the tentative agreement was reached after four days of “intensive negotiations.” This comes after the APTPUO posted that they had submitted their final offer to the university late on Oct. 29, and said that they were nearly finished moving to their strike headquarters.