The date of Janice Fiamengo’s trial has yet to be set, but it is expected to take place in 6 to 12 months. Photo: Jaclyn McRae-Sadik.
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Crowdfunding campaign raises $12, 670 to pay for legal fees

On Oct. 23, several websites shared articles that University of Ottawa English professor Janice Fiamengo is set to stand trial at the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario.

The trial comes after Fiamengo was accused of a human rights violation by a former U of O student.

The U of O is the co-defendant in the case and is represented by their own lawyer who, according to the men’s right group Studio Brulé, will not be representing Fiamengo, since the complainant is asking that the university punish Fiamengo for her actions.

The Fulcrum reached out to both Fiamengo and the university’s media relations department for a comment. However, both parties were unable to provide any information or statements on the case, since the university cannot comment on individual student cases and Fiamengo is unable to speak on the issue until her hearing is over.

Over the past couple years Fiamengo has received a great deal of criticism for her anti-feminist statements, instead advocating for a number of men’s rights groups. As a result of this, many men’s rights websites and blogs like Studio Brulé have launched campaigns to raise funds for Fiamengo’s costly legal fees.

“Janice has contacted a lawyer, so legal costs will begin immediately. The tribunal will be in 6–12 months and will last 5–10 days. Expenses could mount very quickly, however we will post updates,” reads the fundraising page on Studio Brulé’s website.

As of Oct. 30, Fiamengo’s legal funds were successfully raised through the crowdfunding website GoGetFunding, with 226 backers donating a total of $12, 670.

According to Studio Brulé founder Steve Brulé, this money will allow Fiamengo to retain legal representation for her upcoming trial.