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Ottawa police contacted but no charges laid

On Nov. 24, the University of Ottawa released a statement regarding an internal review related to a “misconduct” within a student-run club.

The University did not comment on the specific club the incident occurred within, but did say the club was independent of Sports Services.

According to the statement, the misconduct “occurred in February but the university’s senior administration did not learn of it until receiving the anonymous report on Nov. 11.”

In the statement, the university announces that they have “engaged an independent investigator to review the alleged misconduct and make findings of fact to assist the university in determining whether further action is necessary.”

The university declines to make further comment on the matter until the investigator’s findings are reviewed.

Police were contacted at the time of the incident in February, but no charges were laid. The Fulcrum contacted the Ottawa Police Service but they declined to comment.

“Our Media Relations office does not have any information on the matter referred to below,” read the police statement. “Furthermore, we cannot comment on any matters involving a named organization unless a charge is laid.”

The structure of clubs at the U of O makes it so that varsity sports teams and ‘competitive clubs’ are sanctioned by Sports Services and student-run clubs are funded and administered by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO).

According to the SFUO’s website, there are 19 clubs under the “athletics” category. SFUO president Anne-Emilie Hebert was unavailable to be reached for a comment at the time of publication.