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The University of Ottawa announced a number of new appointments to senior positions on July 23, while it continues its search for a new president and chancellor.

Raymond Leblanc was named acting dean of the Faculty of Education. He called the role “an opportunity to showcase the vitality of our community: profs, students and support staff.” Previously, Leblanc was Vice-Dean, Research and Professional Development at the Faculty of Education at the U of O.

“My plan is to reinforce the inclusivity, the diversity and the equitable values that characterize the Faculty of Education,” he said.

Michel Laurier was named vice-president Academic and Provost for a two-year term. Laurier had previously been the Dean of the Faculty of Education and the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Montreal.

Kevin Kee was named dean of the Faculty of Arts for a five-year term. Before this, he was Associate Vice-President, Research (Social Sciences and Humanities) at Brock University.

Linda Pietrantonio was named associate vice-president Academic Programs for a five-year term. She previously served as Vice-Dean of Under- graduate Studies and Secretary at the Faculty of Social Sciences for five years

Claire Turenne-Sjolander was named acting dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for an 18-month term. She previously held the roles of Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies (Social Sciences), Director of the Institute of Women’s Studies, and Director of the Department of Political Science.

The positions of president and chancellor have yet to be filled, as President Allan Rock’s term ends on June 30 of 2016, and the new president is expected to be appointed by the Board of Governors, with the assistance of a selection committee, in January of 2016.

In a previous interview with the Fulcrum, Rock said he is interested in staying at the university to teach law.

The university has also formed a selection committee to find a new chancellor, after Michaelle Jean resigned this year to lead La Francophonie . “This person will be a leader capable of rallying the University’s stakeholders and partners, inspiring them to collaborate to meet uOttawa’s goals,” Robert Giroux, the President of the Board of Governors, said in a press release.

Candidates have been invited to submit nominations for the position by late August.