Last year's Panda festivities resulted in damages property and disorder in the Sandy Hill area. Images Tammy Miller-Sheehan/Provided.
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The message is clear, respect the Panda

The 2022 Panda game will be held on Oct. 1, and while many students will be getting ready to celebrate, the rest of the University of Ottawa (U of O) community are hoping to make a clear message: “#PROTECTTHEPANDA.”

The Panda game is a long honoured tradition, including tailgates, football, and lots of drunk University students. Last year’s Panda game ended with U of O students in the streets of Sandy Hill, causing disturbance and chaos.

The U of O provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jill Scott, stated in an email to the University community that while enthusiasm and celebrations are welcomed, students should avoid a repeat of last year’s events.

“I look forward to the game and commend all those who are doing their part to #respectpanda,” Scott wrote.

The University of Ottawa Students’ Union also sent out an email announcement to the student body, asking students to be respectful and responsible with consumption and with the environment during their celebrations. Also inlcuded, a “know your rights” sections with a linked pamphlet from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Action Sandy Hill (ASH) retweeted a post from the Ottawa Police saying, “The #geegees NEED your big energy and good vibes at the stadium. Your Sandy Hill neighbor taking care of a toddler, not so much.”

Overall, the tone from the University and surrounding communities is friendly, but firm: have fun, but think first.