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Anne-Marie Roy

photo by Mico Mazza


The Fulcrum: Why are you running?

Roy: I’ve been involved with the SFUO for a little while now, and I can definitely see things that could be improved in the communications between the SFUO and the students, and also between the SFUO and the community in general. I’m really interested; I really want to do the work and improve the communication.

What are some of the goals you hope to accomplish if you win?

I’d like to reestablish a good connection between the SFUO and students. I also want to reestablish a good connection with the media. I’m aware that sometimes folks at the SFUO are hard to get a hold of, and that’s something I definitely want to fix to ensure students are well informed [about] what’s going on.

Do you have any on-campus experience related to your position?

I’m actually on the Board of Administration at the moment—I’m an arts representative. I’m also the undergraduate representative for the Board of Governors.

How will you keep the population of our university not only informed, but also engaged?

That is one of my goals: I’m hoping to really increase the voter turnout next year. I think that one of the really important issues about engaging students is they don’t understand the SFUO, they don’t know what we do. Most of them don’t know they have 12 services they can take advantage of.

I think the first step to engaging our students is informing them, and I think that’s something we have to start months before the elections roll around. It’s something we need to begin as soon as they come [to campus] in September.

I’d also like to really revamp the website and give students a reason to go back, that way they always have contact with the SFUO.

In your opinion, what is the SFUO’s weakest communication channel and how will you improve it?

Again, I think I have to say the SFUO website. When I go on the SFUO website, there’s no information about our businesses, the menu for 1848 hasn’t been posted—we have specials throughout the week … and none of those are advertised.

We can use our meal plan with our businesses now, and the Starbucks and Second Cup on campus could get a run for their money with Café Alt and the Pivik and other restaurants. These are all things we could have communicated better.

Give us a quote to remember you by.

“Go big or go home.”

Who are your favourite fictional hero and villain and why?

Catwoman. She’s intelligent and sexy while eloquent at the same time. Catwoman’s sexy side comes out when she’s a villain. Tintin is my favourite hero—let’s go with that one.