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JOZEF SPITERI, A candidate for vp social in the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) elections and current vp social affairs for the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts (SAFA), will face SAFA’s Board of Directors tonight in an emergency meeting.

According to Sean Green, SAFA president, there are 29 separate grounds for Spiteri’s impeachment from his post as vp social affairs, which break five different sections of the SAFA constitution. The motion to remove Spiteri from his position came from the remaining seven SAFA executive members, said Green.

“This motion, if passed, will initiate an impeachment process against the vp social affairs,” wrote Green in an email to the Fulcrum.

“In the case that the motion passes, the board will set a time within the next week, as they see fit, to listen to the claims of those seven members, the response from the vp social affairs, and then questions and debate from the board. It is at this meeting that a vote on impeachment would occur.”

According to Greene, “There are 13 references to, one reference to, one reference to, eight references to, and six references to”

If the SAFA board votes to impeach Spiteri, every claim will be evaluated before the final decision is made.

—Jane Lytvynenko


Excerpt from SAFA constitution:

6.3.    Impeachment
6.3.1.      Any member of the Executive Committee may be impeached on any of the following grounds:       Mismanagement of funds: wilful misuse of SAFA funds for personal gain; failure to follow approved spending guidelines; continual or severe failure to document expenditures for audit purposes; the loaning of SAFA funds to any individual or outside group with or without a rate of interest outside of the subsidies guidelines outlined in this document; theft, embezzlement, fraud, or any failure to comply with Canadian law or Ontario provincial law regarding the management of funds.       Failure to follow the regulations of the Constitution without just cause.       Wilful misrepresentation of SAFA regarding the decisions of the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting, or referendum.       Abuse of power: wilful use of a position of authority to influence an outcome that is favourable to the individual in question; harassment or intimidation of any person to influence a decision; use of SAFA resources in a fraudulent manner, or any violation of a position of trust as outlined by Canadian law or Ontario provincial law.       Placing SAFA at risk.