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You can vote at any of these places on the general campus. Below, you can find the exact locations to the polling stations. Visit for more info.

  • SITE (2nd floor cafeteria)
  • Marion (Cafeteria)
  • Lamoureux (Lobby, near café)
  • Montpetit (1st floor entrance)
  • UCU (Outside federation offices, 1st floor near cafeteria entrance, 2nd floor near Tim Hortons)
  • Morisset (2nd floor)
  • Fauteux (3rd floor, near café)
  • Arts (Lobby)
  • Desmarais (Lobby)
  • Tabaret (Rotonde)
  • Roger-Guindon (Lobby)
  • Pembroke Campus  (Student Lounge on February 16, 2012)