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Ignorance towards a natural human condition needs to go

Thinx, a New York City-based company, recently faced controversy and backlash for ads that they applied to have posted in New York City metro stations. The reason? These ads depict women modelling Thinx’s newest product—a line of period underwear.

These innovative undies, which promise to provide your favourite white jeans the protection they need from Mother Nature, can absorb up to two tampons worth of discharge during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

With a variety of designs and sizes, any woman can find something to help “that time of the month” pass by a little easier.

Upon looking at these scarlet letter-worthy ads, I discovered that they could possibly be the least offensive thing you could find in a New York City metro station.

Next to advertisements for breast implants, and U.S. military advertisements these pictures show women wearing the underwear and tops that cover the majority of the upper body. Scandalous, right?

After facing an outpouring of feminist power and finally approving the ads, Thomas Prendergast, chairman of the metropolitan transit authority, still described the ads as “offensive”.

Why is it offensive to have tasteful ads offering support to women going through something we are physically built to do, yet it’s okay to have ads that show violence, or pressure women to become more appealing for a potential sexual mate?

Menstruation is a completely natural thing, yet our society can’t even stomach a simple ad that acknowledges its existence.

Any woman can tell you a trick to hide her tampon or pad to get it discretely from her bag to the bathroom. Any woman can tell you the relief you feel when you discover that yours and your best friends have synced up. A period is a normal thing every woman has to face, so why hide it from mainstream culture?

As much as we might like to on certain days, no woman can escape her period.

So next time Mother Nature comes knocking ladies, go out and buy yourself a big box of tampons, pads, diva cup, or period underwear, and don’t worry about shoving it into the shopping bag before anyone notices. Add a few gallons of your favourite ice cream to the list, take a bubble bath, cuddle up for some Netflix. The only thing you shouldn’t do during your period is feel ashamed.