Letter to the Editor
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The article repeats a common misconception that I would like to point out.
The second last paragraph states: ” the other function of a university is teaching its students.”
It must be stressed that teaching is the prime function of a university. Research is secondary, and is only conducted as a way of keeping the quality of instruction high. So many professors and administrators believe their mission is to do research, that the core problem is now one of mission drift. That is why you need to hire so many part-time staff and make use of TAs.
One gets the real impression that even University of Ottawa senior managers believe they are there to do research. The metrics for professor promotion to tenure are heavily weighted towards success in publishing and getting grants. Who honestly believes that Ontario would hire professors simply to conduct research and publish? Other organizations could fulfill this role perfectly well if given the budget. Your job is to pass the knowledge on to the next generation, and if “tenured professors are busy doing research” then this is what should be changed.

J. Evans
University of Ottawa student