If you like the business side of sport as much as the game itself, this might be the club for you. Photo: Courtesy of the UOSBC.
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U of O club looks to recruit new members

In 2014, a group of human kinetics graduate students founded a club designed to help students engage and partake in sports business discussion and events, calling it the U of O Sports Business Club (UOSBC).

Built on commitment, the members of the club pride themselves on their professionalism and their passion for the administrative side of sports.

Always looking for new members, the club has many options. For the casual sports enthusiast, an ambassadorship program that lets members do what they can, and for more entrenched sports business lovers, a potentially more defined role.

“Opportunities are there. I managed to get my internship with the Ottawa Pro Sports Management group through one of our former presidents. The links you make here are important and give employers a chance to see you for more than just your resume. They see your commitment and passion,” Tanya Sesiakin, internal relations with the UOSBC said.

Aside from working with industry professionals, the UOSBC also has partnerships with organizations such as Badminton Canada and Ottawa Pro Sports Management.

The club also works closely with multiple U of O professors, notably Benoit Seguin, director of the School of Human Kinetics, and Eric Macintosh, associate professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences, feeding off their expertise in sports management.

The members of the UOSBC routinely write blog posts discussing and debating sports business issues. Most members are also big sports fans, and the club represents a golden opportunity to interact connect with other sports fanatics.

“Although most of our members are in human kinetics, our club is open to students of all programs that are passionate about learning the business side of sports,’’ Zachary Pilling, internal relations with the UOSBC said.

The UOSBC will host the biggest sports business conference in the city of Ottawa in October and is actively looking for new members to help organize the event.

They’ll also be hosting an event Thursday, March 28 at Father’s and Son’s from 4–7 p.m. All are invited for a roundtable discussion on the business side of sports, which will include U of O Sports Services director Susan Hylland, Andrew Caudwell of Baseball Canada, and Michael Luck of Badminton Canada.