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Although Justice Grant Huscroft clearly showed that the provincial government contravened the “University Acts” by infringing on universities’ autonomy with the SCI, is this really the final nail in the coffin for the policy, or will the government be stubborn and drag taxpayers in an even longer battle with Ontario’s university students?

The SFUO had no right to delete these comments. After all, this is not their personal Facebook page where they can just block whoever disagrees with them (@JimWatsonOttawa). At the end of the day, the people they disagree with are still people they represent.

Letter to the Editor

The BOA should pass the proposed motion and therefore approve that a review of the relationship between the SFUO and CFS is launched. This would ensure that we can gain information to see whether or not we are getting the best quality of services and resources from the CFS.

New Liberal budget promises to make financing post-secondary education easier The Ontario provincial government unveiled their new budget on Feb. 25, and it spelled out some good news for students. One of the main features of the budget is the Ontario Student Grant, which looks to improve the process of financing students from different income …

Upcoming CFS meeting to cover a variety of issues The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) will be holding its 34th Annual General Meeting  Nov. 22-25 this year, according to On the agenda are motions such as making it easier for student unions to decertify from the CFS, launching a campaign in support of a …

Letters have drawn backlash from Toronto students for ‘meddling’ in their student politics Photo by Julia Malowany/The Varsity Student unions across Ontario are urging the University of Toronto’s governing council to reject a new policy recommendation they say would sacrifice the autonomy of its student unions. Last month, the University of Toronto Student Societies Summit submitted …

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