Underdog candidates all over the country will hope Monday is their lucky day as they cross the finish line on grueling campaigns. For most, their campaign objective was simple: find an effective way to get your name and ideas out in the community to convince people that you deserve their vote on election day. But as an underdog up against a better-funded and better-known opponent this task can be near-impossible.

Students actually do have a chance to make a difference. By voting for the Green Party, they have the opportunity to launch a champion of proportional representation into the running, and topple these eternal Liberal and Conservative fiefdoms that have dominated Canada for far too long.

In recent years, the SFUO has equally had its democratic principles diminished. The BOA has become little more than a rubber-stamping body where the act of voting seems like a mere formality. During last February’s all-candidates debates, a current member of the administration was asked whether he’d choose to vote with his slate or look at each legislative proposal from an independent perspective. He was explicit that, if elected, he would choose the former.