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“Scholars must remain vigilant whenever academic freedom collides with diversity. The former can be compromised by EDI activists, who in turn will only be pacified once their demands to censor ‘offensive’ remarks or ‘dangerous’ ideas are met by university administrators,” writes University of Ottawa school of sociological and anthropological studies professor Stuart Chambers.

“It’s a responsibility I think as healthcare providers to be able to understand and to be more sensitized to the different backgrounds your patients are coming from. I’m sitting here in your office, you’re my therapist, it’s not my job to be like ‘Well no, this is how immigrant parents think.’ You need to step up and educate yourself.”

Branching out to different language programs Photo: Courtesy of Netflix We are in the golden age of television with channels like HBO, Showcase, AMC, and Netflix vying for the top awards year after year. Netflix has found yet another successful formula in Narcos. The captivating drama focuses on drug lord Pablo Escobar, and the war …