We’re now at a point where the distance between the economic narrative and the economic reality is becoming increasingly unbridgeable. While Canadians may be tolerant of Harper’s tricks at the ballot box, they’re unlikely to tolerate him playing tricks with their wallets.

Greece needs a bailout, now it’s Portugal, and don’t forget Ireland. Could Spain go under? God forbid Italy should fail, with an economy worth 16 per cent of the entire euro zone gross domestic product (GDP). This struggle seems to be dragging on and on, and growing. To the foreign observer here in Canada, it is all starting to get rather tedious.

Alternative loan system would halt student debt crisis THERE IS A fundamental problem with the way our society values education. Canadians have long believed wholeheartedly that an investment in post-secondary education will inevitably lead to significant gains in future income and an improved standard of living. Simple concept, right? Wrong. This perception of the inherent …