On Sept. 8, young entrepreneurs from across the city, including many University of Ottawa students and alumni, joined members of the community at city hall to pitch their business models as part of the seventh annual Startup Garage Rally.

Ontario proposes new anti-carding regulations The province of Ontario plans to introduce new regulations designed to prevent  police from stopping people randomly on the street, also known as carding. Ontario Minister of Community Safety Yasir Naqvi made the announcement on Oct. 25, following a long debate over the practice of carding in Ontario. A number …

While the economy has recovered significantly since the 2008 recession, the youth unemployment rate in Canada in January was 12.8 per cent, double that of the 6.6 per cent national average.

Ottawa entrepreneurs, Dylan Hunt and Nick Evans decided to take matters into their own hands, by creating a website that would show job hunters more opportunities and employers more applicants.

University of Ottawa student Mohammad Mohsen Badv and a group of eight other students came together to create the new website Croomer, a tool they hope will make the entrepreneurial experience a little bit easier, and a lot more successful.