Greeting card contest seeks to unite students from various disciplines with competition to incorporate innovation into greeting card design.

“On the post-secondary side there’s money for research, there’s money for infrastructure, and there’s a commitment, which I think could be really important to try and set up the 2017 budget on an innovation agenda,” he said. “You cannot build an innovation agenda without being connected to places of higher learning like the University of Ottawa,” he said.

Drawing inspiration from his many hobbies including skiing, BMX, mountain biking, and surfing, the idea came naturally. He designed a product that would make filming extreme sports a whole lot easier than it had been in the past.

The Faculty of Engineering has challenged the University of Ottawa community to put their fingerprints to good use to help a six-year-old boy in need of a prosthetic limb.

IT’S BUDGET SEASON—a time for our governments to figure out where they want to spend cash and cut funding. The Harper government has made it clear jobs will be cut, which means Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has some damage control to do. Watson has already sprung into action. He recently introduced Invest Ottawa, a plan …