James Lewicki

For instance, last I checked I couldn’t view a single Stanley Kubrick film, a shame for any student or lover of quality cinema with works like Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mel Brooks is also incredibly unrepresented with only The Producers and Young Frankenstein available, and good luck with obscure directors who were pioneers in their field, like Federico Fellini or Ingmar Bergman.

There must be something that makes Canada worth being proud of though. Perhaps our health care? But in fact, most other democratic countries have similar or better levels of national health care. Despite our constant bragging, we’re thirtieth in the world for health care. Twenty-ninth is Morocco.

Even more troubling than these cases are the many one-bedroom apartments and completely vacant houses that are female preferred. There is no reasonable explanation for this other than sexism.

Also, just because you’re not kissing anyone in the near future doesn’t mean you can ignore your bad breath. When you speak up in class, it shouldn’t feel like an act of chemical warfare to those around you.

We like music. You like music. Let’s like music together.     Andria Simone Good Lovin’ | Artist-tree Music Group Andria Simone’s style is perhaps not from our time, but the soul in her voice mixed with the R&B tones of her music is made for our generation. Obvious comparisons have been made between Simone and other soul singers …

Before you pay your tuition fees again, research your options thoroughly, meditate in a quiet place, separate hype from reality, and understand why you are making your educational decisions.