Kate Cornick

U of O professor gives TEDx talk on building communication  Photo by Mico Mazza “When I first came to the U of O for my undergraduate, I had never heard of ‘communication’ as a field of study,” said professor Jenepher Lennox Terrion. However, after switching into the program in her second year, she couldn’t get …

But Nov. 11 isn’t, and never has been, about celebrating or glorifying war. The day is for remembering Canadian soldiers who sacrificed their lives and died in battle; many of whom were no older than most of our student population.

y leaving the bubble of isolated textbook education, you have the potential to learn from your own friends. It could be about something as simple as a great movie, but it could also be about something as important as astrophysics.

If students are expected to pay for the SFUO as part of their tuition fees, I believe that candidates should be screened before running. $30,000 worth of student money is not an amount to be taken lightly. That type of financial commitment from students deserves commitment from the candidates. While candidates may not have malicious intentions for resigning, students should feel confident that their vote is going towards someone who, if elected, will be dedicated.

You learn to appreciate the time you have together because you have to make every minute count. You learn to express your thoughts and improve your communication, you get more time to see your friends, you stay focused on school, and overall it can make your relationship stronger.