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I know that canned tuna isn’t always the most appetizing of dishes, but when you add a little lemon, some onions, a few spices and shape them into little patties, canned tuna becomes surprisingly appetizing.

Tim Hortons. Starbucks. Café Alt. Première Moisson. All of these establishments sell coffee on campus. But which joint serves up the best cup of joe?

Rez students left without microwave following holiday mishap Photo: CC, Bill Mubray, Edited by Kim Wiens Several University of Ottawa students are counting their lucky stars after their Thanksgiving dinner plans went awry. The students were trying to capture the festive holiday spirit on campus, since many weren’t able to go home this year. Witnesses …

If you look in the right places, you’ll find that “the town that fun forgot” is actually home to its fair share of ghastly ghost stories and haunted hot spots that are anything but boring.

Photo: Kim Wiens Imagine you suddenly receive a text message from an unknown number—it claims your ex created a profile for you on an app called Peeple, and the message encourages you to go check out what they have to say about you. You follow through and find you only have 48 hours to sort …

Considering my ideal night involves an entire bottle of wine and “Netflix and chilling” solo, I’m clearly no expert on the intricacies of wine drinking. As such, I spent my weekend touring the city of Bordeaux—renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the wine capital of the world—in an attempt to learn a bit more about what exactly goes into my glass.

Staff lets him stay, despite sanitary concerns Photo: Kim Wiens Liam Cook, a first-year communications student, has moved into the new dining hall the second week of classes after seeing all the new amenities the all-you-can-eat, 24/7 cafeteria offers. Cook gave the Tomato an exclusive tour of his new home, after he’d been living there for …

Stunt videos needed to keep ownership of user content Photo: CC-Ed  Gregory, Edits by Kim Wiens This week Facebook announced its decision to collect user photos, videos and information beginning early next year to steal users data for their own use.  This move has lead to a high volume of legal declarations on Facebook feeds, …

U of O students talk about what it means to be asexual, and the challenges that come hand in hand with identifying with this misunderstood branch of human sexuality.

In search of the migrant reality, I decided to visit a nearby Syrian refugee camp in Paris. Located just outside tourist hotspots, the camp was a stark contrast to what I’d grown accustomed to in my first month. In the middle of the road an entire community was set up. About 60 families, from children to the elderly, were centred around a camp lined with tents and laden with garbage.

The people who drive the cars are just about as fancy as the cars themselves. Everyone here is thin and beautiful. It’s almost perplexing how skinny all of inhabitants manage to stay, despite how rich the food is. I say almost because there are stairs about every 100 metres, so it’s not really that perplexing. Come to France if you want to lose weight eating strictly butter.

It’s still paramount to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle throughout the school year—for the sake of next summer at the very least. There are plenty of activities going on all the time during the school year, and with that in mind here are some key tips to staying active this upcoming semester.

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