lindsay macmillan

Three young Ottawa entrepreneurs have released a “geo-social playground” app that makes sharing people’s opinions and advice easier. The app is called Notewalk and uses the map program on the user’s device to allow anyone to leave digital notes that can be viewed by other users.

A former University of Ottawa student says she can trigger out-of-body experiences at will. The 24-year-old psychology grad approached her professor after a lecture on the phenomenon in 2012, claiming it was a regular experience for her and that she “thought everybody could do that.”

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) has had difficulties replacing the volunteer coordinator and philanthropic coordinator after both members left their positions at the beginning of September.

OTTAWA’S PUBLIC TRANSIT will be hectic until 2018, according to Mayor Jim Watson. This year’s university move-in weekend will provide new and returning students with first-hand experience of the discord expected in the downtown core with the construction of the new Light Rail Transit (LRT) line.

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