Martina Gannon

When I snapped back to reality, I was met with the sound of hundreds of keyboard keys being furiously tapped. It made me feel so tiny, lost in a vast sea of clicking.

To mark the 25th anniversary of WaterCan, a charity that aims to provide developing nations with clean drinking water, Moorcroft will climb the highest peak in Africa, along with a team of 22 other Canadians.

Although these seem to be obvious qualities anyone would want from a partner, it isn’t always easy to identify whether or not they are lacking when you’re blinded by emotion. Sara Quinton* is a U of O student who was in an unhealthy relationship. She didn’t recognize the negative aspects of her relationship until her after partner broke up with her.

I come from a rural town in the west of Ireland, where about 95 per cent of the population is Irish and Caucasian, so Ottawa was quite a culture shock for me. No two people are in any way similar, and I love it!