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The Fulcrum's Facebook page

On Oct. 22, the Fulcrum’s Facebook page was unpublished for, allegedly, breaking Facebook’s page policies. Which policies? We couldn’t tell you. Since then, our editor-in-chief has launched two appeals to Facebook, but we still have yet to hear back from the social media giant.

Media is an indispensable part of society—but it can only be effective when it has the best interests of their nation in mind. Unfortunately, the news media indulged a little too much in the revenue boost that Donald Trump brought them.

“They’re not really news entities as sort of the ritual that people love having on their coffee table in the morning, or on the bus. Buying a newspaper for the sake of in-depth journalism or think-pieces—very few of our dailies in the country now can claim that function.”

A FACT LITTLE known amongst University of Ottawa students is that their own beloved campus newspapers are members of a greater organization of student news media called Canadian University Press (CUP). This past week, one of our fellow CUP papers faced a disconcerting proposal from their student union regarding their method of print. The Xaverian …