Smoking ban

Once marijuana is legal it should be treated the same as cigarettes, not given preferential treatment or penalized. People who want to smoke pot should be able to do so anywhere they can smoke tobacco, if for no other reason than there isn’t a good argument to not do so.

The University of Ottawa is working towards becoming a completely smoke-free campus to promote a healthier environment for students. The discussion surrounding a potential smoke free campus started as a result of two main initiatives: a student survey conducted this past spring and rapidly approaching changes in Ontario legislation.

Recently, the federal government announced that it will regulate e-cigarettes within the coming year. While regulation is an important step, it must be done properly.

YOU CAN CALL it shisha, hookah, narghile, or qalyan. All of these are synonyms for the same activity: Water pipe smoking. Coming in a variety of flavours, hookah has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past few years in Canada and public health officials have taken notice. Recently, Ottawa’s City Council proposed a …