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Photo: CC, Jon Sullivan. Edits: Kim Wiens.
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U of O students use GAs to incentivize laziness, get beer on demand

The most recent Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) General Assembly (GA) was held Tuesday March 15. Reporters from the Tomato attended the event and have compiled a list of motions that were struck down.

First off, a motion to create a long horizontal escalator from one end of campus to the other, in an effort to make it easier for students to get around, didn’t get enough votes to pass. The motion would have earmarked funding to build a constantly moving ramp from Desmarais to SITE, with each building along the route having its own exit for students to get off at.

A similar, but unrelated motion from the Students for Faster Transport (SFT) also failed to pass. The motion would have created series of tubes that would rapidly transport students directly into different buildings.

“Obviously we’re upset that the motion failed to pass but we’re working on rewriting the motion so we can try and pass it at the next GA,” said Nick Burgel, president of the SFT.

Another student submitted a motion that failed which called for the SFUO to finally use the $10,000 worth of fireworks they purchased for last year’s 101 week. The motion, put forward by U of O Pyrotechnics club, specified that the fireworks be set off all at once and from the roof of the tallest building on campus.

While it did get enough votes to pass, there was a debate around whether the smokestack at SITE was taller than the roof of Desmarais. Many believed that the smokestack was taller but limited the potential audience for the spectacle. Amid this debate, the motion was tabled until a decision could be made at a later date.

A third motion to create beer fountains in each building, capable of releasing perfectly cooled beer in a manner similar to a water fountain, also failed to pass. “I didn’t vote for it because I thought it would be too much of a headache to figure out what beers people would like, not to mention it would take about two years to get everything set up,” said third-year engineering student Angelo Fortin.

Despite the dismissal of these promising motions, it seems that this fourth installment of the GAs has inspired students to put forth their ideas to keep our campus at its best.


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