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Ceat Toobe Philled live streamed himself cleaning his office. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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The hour-long event lasted for a total of seven hours

With classes moved online for the foreseeable future, the University of Ottawa Students’ Union is attempting to increase general knowledge of their existence to the student population. 

This week, the awareness campaign was taken to the popular streaming platform Twitch with underwhelming results. 

The UOSU student life commissioner Ceat Toobe Philled live-streamed himself cleaning his office, and was viewed by a total of zero members of the general public. 

“I’m disappointed to say the least” said Unknown. “Especially as the stream was held just days after UOSU’s highly attended fall general assembly.” 

The choice to stream on Twitch may have been the cause of the low turnout given UOSU’s famed use of the platform MIXRonline. In the past, using Zoom also caused difficulties for events. 

The event was intended to operate as a casual question and answer session for students while Unknown toured the UOSU offices. Given the lack of participants Unknown was left to their audience of one: us, and proceeded to stream while sobbing to himself. 

Scheduled from 7 to 8 p.m., the stream lasted a total of seven hours with the first three being dedicated to “just waiting for people to join” and Philled asking if his wifi was working properly. 

In the final eight minutes, Philled seemed to accept the lack of interest and stopped any attempt at stifling his sobs. 

The Fulcrum reporter present for the stream has turned in their resignation and cited boredom as the sole reason for their departure.