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FOR A FRESH, simple, and delicious Mexican experience for a very reason- able price, Ahora Mexican Cuisine in the heart of the ByWard Market offers pa- trons an excellent meal. Seating around 30 patrons, this basement restaurant is decorated in a lively setting with an intimate atmosphere.

Vegetarians will be delighted to learn there are several meatless options, such as the ranchero vegetarian—a burrito filled with black beans, salsa, guacamole, and topped with the house salsa and sour cream. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas are other equally mouth-watering choices.

What sets Ahora apart from other Mexican restaurants is the salsa bar, which serves a variety of homemade salsas. The salsa fuego and the verde salsa add an extra kick in flavour and spice with any dish. Other delectable salsas that are a must include the fresh tomato salsa and onion salsa.

For anyone new to Ahora, I recommend trying Sol; their blond pilsner- style, carbonated Mexican beer leaves a refreshing and crisp taste. Another fine beer worth mentioning is Negra Modelo, a dark lager with a nutty scent that goes down smoothly. For those interested, there is also a house sangria and wide va- riety of Mexican cocktails.

Students will clamour to Ahora if for no other reason than the prices, which are quite reasonable. The chicken nacho plate runs at $8.25, and the vegetarian nacho loaded with black beans is a cheap $6.25. Main dishes range from $6 to $13.90.

The only pitfall to Ahora is its way of seating patrons. You’re given a menu and are expected to order before you are seated. Though the turnaround for tables at Ahora is fairly quick, you and your company may have to play musical chairs with everyone in the restaurant in order to sit down and eat.

Despite minor discrepancies with its seating arrangement, Ahora has terrific food in terms of quality, taste, and price. The staff is also polite and helpful—al- ways a plus.
The fresh quality of the food, the selec- tion of respectable Mexican beers, and the delicious cultural cuisine makes Ahora a definite and delicious must-try. I would recommend this restaurant for a fun and casual evening out.

Visit Ahora online or in person at 307 Dalhousie St.

—Joshua Pride